Thursday, 18 July 2013

Selfish Lover

Does not satisfy his partners needs
Will play video games with his bro’s until morning breeds
Making empty promises he can’t keep
Selfish lover oh he. 
Last I heard partnership was a two way street
Where is the halfway meet?
Need a dog with new tricks up his sleeves
Getting tired of the same old, boring routine
Drive me home
At least I can cum on my own
Selfish lover oh he.
Don’t speak, just eat.
Shutup, you know what I really mean. 

Source Unknown 


  1. <3 Love this. Did you write this too? It's suggestive and vulgar but in a somewhat classy way.

    1. Thanks :) Yes, I wrote this in literally 30 secs last night when the bf was being selfish hahaha.

  2. lol ommmg you are too funny achu

    1. hahah i can't believe i wrote that and even more *can't believe* that i posted it up here lmao