About Me

 "An unusual girl. No fixed personality, just an inner indecisiveness that is as wide and wavering as the ocean" -lana del rey

This is my personal blog aka my personal dumping ground. I have a skewed perspective in life, coming from both Eastern and Western cultures. I am a former art student dropout turn business student. I can be quite neurotic, but I like to think that makes me special, that, and my nose runs like a faucet. I'm not who you'd come to expect, really. Don't believe me? Go ahead, read, and find out for yourself. I dare you.


  1. I like your art work is it original ? Quite normal these days to just look around study and embrace something that suits you.

    1. Yes, some of my artworks/photos are originals, for the ones that aren't, I've sourced it with the proper link.